My name is Carola van Tilburg, married, I have 2 children and living in the polder, about 3km from the village Vogelwaarde

This hp is about my 4 Border Collies, bitch Bo (14), dog Ghyro (5), bitch Kenzie (3) and her daughter Sé (9 weeks). The most updates will be concerning Ghyro, Kenzie and Sé, because Bo is "retired".


With Ghyro and Kenzie I'm active in the English Obedience, Agility and Sheepherding sports. The future will tell us, what kind of sport Sé is going to do.


The Border Collie-virus started in 1995, when I saw Obedience and Agility on the television. Most of the dogs were Border Collies. Wow, what a will to please those dogs had. But I didn't had the space for a Border Collie, and I bought cross Sheltie tricolor, named Dusty. With him I did Agility (for fun), and he loved it. Dusty became 14,5 years old.






The kennel-name Kenghy is from the first 3 letters of Kenzie, and the first 3 letters of Ghyro. Sometimes I will breed a litter, and te most important things of the bitch and dogs will be a good health, good character and a high work ability.

The first litter is born in February 2013 and was out of Kenzie and Muk, from Karin de Haard.

I hope my Ghyro will be the daddy of my next litter. He already has kids, you can see them on the "offspring"-page.