3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc28-05-2013 Obedience Made

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc05-05-2012 Obedience Schiedam

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc01-04-2012 Ghyro en Werner 4th agility training

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc22-12-2010 Ghyro and Rick having fun

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc05-11-2010 Ghyro and Karin with the sheep

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc19-06-2010 Obedience Lewedorp




09-06-2014 VP 1 fault, 4th place

05-04-2014 JP, faultless at Dithal

16-10-2013 Training with the sheep

21-09-2013 Jumping at ZVKC - Axel

08-09-2013 VP at KSNH Belsele - 7th place

02-08-2013 Jumping at Border Collie Classic - Italy

12-05-2013 First Agilitycompetition of Kenzie, at hs Sloeber.

27-01-2012 Training with Blackbes sheep

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc07-02-2011 Training with the sheep




3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc17-07-2014 Debute Agility Lingewaard

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc25-06-2014 Agility, Sé 17 months

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc04-02-2014 Sé 1 year old

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc11-01-2014  Herding sheep at 11 months old

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc01-11-2013 Herding sheep at 9 months old

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc07-06-2013 Happen naar het water ;-)

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc10-05-2013 Sé's first time with the sheep

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc25-04-2013 Sé 11 weeks old



3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc06-04-2011 Bo almost 13 years old




3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc27-06-2014  Compilation Training Wales with Kenzie and Sé

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttcMarch 2013 Pups in the snow

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc06-03-2013 Kenzie's first litter

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc05-01-2013 Kenzie & Muk 

3d paw by sisa611-d30yttc22-08-2011 Ghyro and Kenzie playing with the frisbee